Friday, May 31, 2019

Remaining Classes

Great Year in Art at STS!

ALL Grade 1-8* STUDENTS MUST BRING IN THEIR SKETCHBOOKS for final review THIS MONDAY, JUNE 3RD. They will get them back, to keep, along with other works from throughout the year, AND a SUMMER gift! (K included!)

Monday June 3: Art Grades K-7 (Last Class for Kindergarten.) *8th Grade: We have had our last class. If I do NOT have your sketchbook already, please get it to me on Monday. You will get it back, along with a folder of your other works.
Monday June 10: Art Grades 1-7
All classes will be held in their respective classrooms due to Kindergarten's Graduation in the gym. This last day will be comprised of students' receiving their portfolio and Sketchbooks to keep, a "Gallery" review of the artists we have explored this past academic year.

I will be posting links to various online tools/Artists we have used this year so that the kids may have them to visit, as some have asked for them.

***Congratulations to John Mabb, 7th, and Sara Hopkins, 8th! Each prized in the Morris Catholic Spring Art Show, out of twelve students representing STS!*** View all of our STS 7th and 8th Grade entries HERE!

-Ms. Hopkins

Sunday, March 3, 2019

STS ART! February and March Study: Symmetry

In February, students created Nameplates in One-Point Perspective, a continuation of our January Escher study, having partnered with some Math classes. Grades 4-8 started "torn paper scenes" creating scenes using only torn paper. Grades 1-3 wrapped up their Picasso projects and worked in their sketchbooks. K explored "Color and Value".

March will wrap up the "torn paper project" and bring SYMMETRY to the students, again partnering with Math classes. We will look at Davinci's "Last Supper" and Gothic Cathedral Rose Windows and move on to creating "Symmetrical Butterflies" in grades K-3, and "Symmetrical Origami" in grades 4-8.

Notes will be going home regarding the Art Class fee. We still have 13 outstanding remittances. All funds are being spent for our students' supplies at a lesser cost than the eliminated School Supply List "Art Bin". I have already personally purchased our sketchbooks, new markers, various papers and supplies for projects.

***ALL STUDENTS in 1-8 should be coming in to EVERY Monday Class with their Sketchbook! The children are amazing; the works that they share. I maintain a list of who have chosen to hold on to their book, and those who have not (in the Art Closet). We have several students whose sketchbook is "lost" at home. Please help with this, as the sketchbooks are used for homework, galleries and extra credit, periodically.***

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

January Artist-of-the-Month: M.C. Escher!

Partnering with upper-grade Math class instruction, we watched a video on M.C. Escher, discussed the connection between Math and Art, and explored One-Point Perspective.

Next Class, we will continue the One-Point Perspective study using personal nameplates.

1. ALL STUDENTS (Grades 1-8) MUST come into class every Monday WITH their Sketchbook/Journal, AND their homeroom pencil case. Sketchbook assignments will be given periodically (1-2 per marking period). Aside from assignments, the Sketchbooks are needed IN EACH CLASS for "Free Time/Draw" and then for take-home: voluntary weekly works, presented on Mondays if the student wishes to share.

2. Notices will be going home to those who have yet to remit the $10.00 Art Fee.

SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT DUE Next Class (grades 2-8): Simple "perspective" drawing based on last week's classwork (One-Point Perspective).

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Monday 12.17.18

The kids in 4, 5, 6, and 8 made HUGE snowflakes together.
You will see them in the foyer, in January!

Classes for 7, and K-3 were postponed, due to Concert Rehearsals.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Next Monday, 12.17.18


Several students in 1-8 are not coming in on Mondays with their Journals. Please be sure to send them in with your student on MONDAY, regardless of whether or not they have entries from the week. I leave it up to them if they have something to show, from the week. It's their personal opportunity to share, but sharing is not required, though weighs in on extra credit, relative to our current artist/theme discussion. The Journal is also used in class, as when we have students wrapping up projects before others, they are directed to their journals in that free time, and then for optional weekly explorations.


Absolutely AMAZING. These kids are so creative. Wrapping up this next class for some grades, grades that have completed will build "Grand Snowflakes" for the holiday halls, also considering that there will be rehearsals in the gym for the concert. Some grades may be affected, in not having class. If your student needs to finish parts of the Picasso project, please send that in this week. The Picasso Project IS part of their grade and MUST be completed this week by 12/17: background and face.


Second notes will go home requesting the Art Supply fee, which was initiated in lieu of the "Art Box", at a cost-savings for collective art supplies ($10.00/student).

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

December Wrap Up!

We will be wrapping up our PICASSO FACES in grades 1-8 this coming Monday, hoping to use next Monday, prior to Christmas break, to build HUGE snowflakes for the halls. Their PICASSO work has been AMAZING!!!!

be sure to have all students come into Monday's Class with their Journals/Sketchbooks. Many students stated they "could not find them". These Journals are part of their grade, as far as extra credit, related to weekly sketches, based on our monthly theme. SO MANY have really run with it, and if your student FILLS their book, they will receive another.

PLEASE make sure your student is returning any "borrowed" art supplies. I have had many items un-returned, specifically metallic markers. While I encourage using supplies, they need to come back to the school supply, having removed the "art bins" and using a collective resource for all grades. Un-returned supplies affect the collective usage of our supplies. I do not track "borrowed" supplies.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

November Artist: Pablo Picasso

We're working to finalize our Picasso "Faces" in 1-8 grades.
Please be sure to send your student into class this Monday, 12/03, with their Sketchbook/Journal and any take-home Picasso backgrounds. These were sent home this week if they did not finish them, to finish for the next step in our works.